As I've been putting this issue together I seem to have written hundreds of introductions in my head. But now when it comes down to actually doing it, I've got nothing to say. Graf needs no introduction .. so fuck it, it's not going to get one.

This very first issue of N-igma features bucket loads of trains and walls .. some you may have seen before, others I know you won't. At the last count, there are about 90 trains and 200 walls spread over 22 pages. This is set to change every 2 months with the next issue of N-igma due to hit your screens on the 31st January.

If you've got something to say, some shit to contribute or need a hook-up, then drop me an email. At the very least, tell me what you think of this new venture.


The right people are currently putting together the book ... the tubes, the people, the history ...

This is not some bullshit, heard this a million times before type of situation, this is happening now!!

Where we fit in is this, we are offering a contact point for all those people that feel they have a story to tell, a point to raise or a picture or two (though pictures ain't really the problem).

So all old time writers reading this from their Graphic Design Studios, or new jack's at college bombing hard .. if you feel you should be involved then contact me and I'll hook you up for an interview.

Desperately seeking Big Met writers .. any would be Set 3's, Kast's or Tilt's get emailing. Confidentiality and anonymity guaranteed.


If you've not picked up a copy of the latest Big Cheese magazine, then do so right now!! It features 6 pages of graf and editorial about the UK scene. Good shit indeed. Coming to our shelves on the 30th January is the new ON THE RUN blackbook. This time it's a book and not a magazine: 128 pages fullcolor and the featured artist is SEEN U.A. Photos from the archives of SEEN, Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant.

So what you waiting for ... use the menu on the left to jump to each section, and the next and previous buttons at the foot of each page to browse sequentially through the whole magazine page by page.