Notts graff scene has slowed right down from what it was like a few years ago. Writers up and running right now are Alert, Dash, Daps, Term, Reem, Dilk, Ziml, Craze, Keo, Nips, Hose, etc, as well as Pulse who's now living in London. The well known Browns subway in Nottingham was buffed in the summer, and it's not getting done anymore. Babylon is in the area, so the writers have got wise and left it alone. Tagging and Bombing of legal sites has also put some of them on shaky ground with the people in charge feeling a bit let down by the writers, but that's another story... (text Smel DRA)

Dash, Alert & Pulse ILC
Dilk & Ziml
Reme & Term

(Key) Hoe Reme Crase ILC
Dash ILC Alert ILC Daps XL & Pulse ILC
Pinky (Hull) Mobster (Derby) Emit (Stoke)