Since it's inception as a legal site back in 1987, Tufnell Park has through the years has become one the busiest legal spots in London. Located behind the Holbrooke Court flats on Tufnell Park Road (just off Holloway Road), it is today dominated by crews such as XL, ABA, LL and is an ever popular spot for visiting writers from elsewhere in the UK and increasingly from around Europe.

A few months back, every wall in the place was painted on one Sunday. Those doing the deed were Torch, Re, Dek, Oner, Eight, Darn, Pera, Spook, Dice, Gspot, Gasp, Shaker, Mens, Omer, Memo and Krel. In recent weeks it's been hit on the regular by Rose, Neva, Dek, Oner, Eight, Khan, Imet, Aer, Sikz, Sensa, Skore, Re, Shine/Quest and many others.

Early action from Tufnell can be seen below, and the next page shows some examples of what's been going on in September and October of this year.

Tufnell Park in the 80's

Yepa Sinest Raze
Kara Era Carl & Seize
Kash Sine Neat