Halifax was very busy up until 92, members of Third Team Kings (Sky/Most, Mind, Menace and Phare) were up everywhere and there were regular visits from writers of other towns and cities such as Ruby Pulse, Pentacs, Zee, Popz, Mist 1 etc.

Sky TTK (21st Birthday piece) 1991

Sky 1991 Sky 1991 Sky 1991

Graf died in the town but one or two people continued to bomb stuff. For some reason in 96 there was a mini revival brought on by the formation of a new crew The Chemical Soulz, (Jehst, SpyMaD, Reap).

SMD (trackside) Rakar (trackside) SMD

Most of the spots started to get hit quite regularly. By mid 98 there were about 15 writers, some new but quite a few old timers getting into it again now that new stuff is going up. Notable names include Phare, an old timerand Candi, who moved from Leeds; also you could not move in Halifax and not notice mine and Rakars stuff everywhere carrying the new crew name PCP.

Throughout the winter me and Rakar went on a mini tour around the North putting up mainly dubs wherever we went. As the weather got better I put up more and more pieces and Rakar was still doing plenty of chromes.

Sykz (Chester) Vets (Chester) SMD (Sheffiled)

By now there were alot of members in TCS, mostly bombers, so PCP was getting up with burners and dubs and basically dominating things, SpyMaD ended up joining and we did even more stuff.